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Topographical map, Georgia

Drawing of Fort Wagner, Morris Island, South Carolina

Map of Siege Operations against the Defenses of Charleston Harbor, 1863

Drawings of siege batteries, Fort Wagner, Morris Island, South Carolina, 1863

E and G.W. Blunt's Map of Charleston and Vicinity, South Carolina, 1862

Preliminary [Ch]art of Charleston Harbor and its approaches, South Carolina, 1858

Map of batteries and approaches with defensive line of U.S. Forces, 1863

Fort Johnson Section of Map of the Defenses of Charleston Harbor, South Carolina

Map, improving harbor, Charleston Harbor, South Carolina

Comparison map, Maffit's channel, Charleston harbor, South Carolina

Comparison map, Maffitts Channel, Charleston Harbor, South Carolina

Plan of an enclosed Battery for Eight Guns, proposed to be build on the Public Lands on James Island, near the Place of the old Fort Johnston, 1787

Siege of Charleston, 1780, seat of war, North and South Carolinas, 1781

Drawing of Battery Hays on Morris Island, siege operations against the defenses of Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, 1863

Plan of the portion of the siege operations against the defense of Charleston Harbor showing the left batteries, Charleston, South Carolina, 1861-1865

Multiple Civil War maps of Charleston, South Carolina, and Belmont, Missouri

Maps, Charleston at its defenses, 1863, New Berne, N. C., and defenses, 1864, Positions occupied by Army Corps in the Battle of Atlanta, G.A., 1864

Maps, atlas to accompany official records of the Union and Confederate armies, 1861-1865

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