Color Slides from Fort Sumter National Historical Monument

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Cannon diagram

Line of cannons

Men on cannon

Mortar and cannons

YMCA director 1906

Parrott rifle

First Sargent Newbert, circa 1930

Man with cannon carriage

View of a Cannon, South Carolina

Illustration of palm trees

Men posed in front of cannon

Public viewing line of cannons

Illustration of palm trees

Men placing gun

English gun on Garrison carriage diagram

Moving 13 inch mortar

Life Savy Station

Cannon with cannon balls

Diagram of 18 pounder on a truck carriage

Harper's Weekly image of USS Weehawken, 1863

Coast Guard ship

Illustration of British ship

Illustrated portrait of Edward Rutledge

Brooke rifle

Illustration of group of buildings at night

Portrait of Edgar Allen Poe

Illustrated portrait of John Rutledge

Painted portrait of Francis Marion

Illustrated portrait of Nathaniel Greene

Illustration of men going into building at night

Cannons along channel

Illustrated portrait of Andrew Pickens

Illustrated portrait of Thomas Lynch Junior


Illustrated portrait of Thomas Hayward Junior

School buses waiting for children, Charleston, South Carolina

Drawing of aerial view of military fort

Illustrated portrait of Thomas Lynch Junior

Illustrated portrait of Arthur Middleton Junior

Photograph of structure in progress of being constructed

Drawing of battle in harbor with ships sinking

Painting of British soldiers

Illustrated portrait of Arthur Middleton Junior

Illustration of burning building with smoke in air

Illustrated portrait of Henry Laurens

Portrait of unidentified man in Revolutionary War period dress

Gubernatorial portrait of Grover Cleveland

Illustration of wooden exterior walls of fort

Illustration of waves crashing on rocks

Painted portrait of Andrew Pickens

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