Personal Photographs of Sergeant Jesse Herring, Jr. during WWII, Fort Moultrie, South Carolina

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Stella Maris Church, Sullivans Island

Ben Sawyer Memorial Bridge, Sullivans Island

Ship in Charleston Harbor

Station Hospital, Ft. Moultrie

U.S. Post Office, Ft. Moultrie, S.C.

Group of six unidentified soldiers

Portrait of "Buffalo" Budgeniki

New Chapel, Ft. Moultrie, S.C.

Portrait of Private Hyatt

James Carter and Stearns Northmann

Portrait of unidentified soldier

Portrait of Hamrick Allen

Portrait of Harold Noichman

Portrait of Sgt. Latta

Portrait of Samuel A. Scott

Four Battery "B" baseball players

Bice Altman

Unidentified soldier in jeep.

Guard House, Fort Moultrie, South Carolina

Portrait of William B. Sapp

Portrait of McKay Daniels

Portrait of 1st Lt. Morrow

Portrait of unidentified officer

Officers' Club, Fort Moultrie, South Carolina

Portrait of Frank Hatson

Post headquarter building, Fort Moultrie, South Carolina

Bice Altman and unidentified soldier

Portrait of R.M. (Dick) Curay

N.C.O. Club, Fort Moultrie, South Carolina

Portrait of Hamp Manning

James Seals and Carl Bethea

Four unidentified soldiers

Arthur F. Leagraves and P.A. Micker, Jr.

J.L. Grice and Dick Rogers

Jamie Scott and Carl Bethea

Two unidentified solders inside barracks

Portrait of Stern McDaniels

Portrait of John B. Stubbs

Post Exchange, Fort Moultrie, South Carolina

Portrait of R.M. (Dick) Curay

Portrait of Jesse W. Herring, Jr. posing with four trophies

Swimming Park at Camp

Portrait of Arthur L. Quick

Supply Tent

Portrait of Walter D. Pearce

Portrait of J.T. Grice

John B. Rogers at Supply Tent

John B. Rogers

Portrait of Capt. Robert J. Hagerman

Portrait of Capt. Frank C. Cramer

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