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OPN Mission

The Open Parks Network serves the global parks community by providing information, tools, and solutions to support the stewardship of the natural and cultural assets of protected areas.  OPN is an initiative of Institute for Parks at Clemson University, Clemson University Libraries, and Clemson Computing and Information Technology.

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Conversations: Cross Border Collaboration

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  • "The Megalinkage"
Large landscape conservation projects seek to reconnect, and maintain existing connections among parks and protected areas. They are focused on improving and maintaining connectivity and habitat in the matrix. National Parks and probably the most protected areas for biodiversity, therefore the matrix around them of National Forests, rangelands, and private forest and ranches is critical to keep those processes involved in isolation from changing the species compositions of the parks themselves.

By Rob Baldwin
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"The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (Y2Y) is a joint Canada-US not-for-profit organization that seeks to preserve and maintain the wildlife, native plants, wilderness and natural processes of the mountainous region from Yellowstone National Park to the Yukon Territory." Read More
"Two Countries, One Forest (2C1Forest) is an international organization dedicated to using landscape conservation to protect and maintain the Northern Appalachian/Acadian ecoregion, which includes 33-million hectares (80-million acres) and forests spanning the eastern edge of North America". Read More
Adam Federman discusses the Atlantic megalinkage "The megalinkage, if ever created, would be a vast network of wildlife habitats. It would connect eco-regions like the southern coastal plains of Georgia to the Appalachians and the Green Mountains of Vermont and from there to parts of southern Quebec, in the process protecting and allowing for the reintroduction of keystone species." Read More

Management Notes

  • Death Valley Stewardship Plan +

    The scope of this Wilderness and Backcountry Stewardship Plan addresses all congressionally designated wilderness lands within Death Valley National Park. Read More
  • Yellowstone Fire Management Plan +

    Natural fires have been a part of Yellowstone’s environment for thousands of years prior to the arrival of modern humans Read More
  • Blue Ridge Parkway Land Management Plan +

    Plan from 1988 for the acquisition of both fee and non-fee for purchase lands to add to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Read More
  • Stronger Together: A manual on the principles and practices of civic engagement +

    Stronger Together: A manual on the principles and practices of civic engagement. Authored by Conservation Study Institute and National Park Read More
  • Beyond Outreach Handbook: A guide to designing effective programs to engage diverse communities +

    Beyond Outreach Handbook: A guide to designing effective programs to engage diverse communities. Authored by Conservation Study Institute - National Park Read More
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