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Five dollar bank note, November 9 1840 Harpers Ferry National Historical Park; National Park Service Note with black printing on white paper/obverse side: etching on left side- Conestoga wagon, on right side sheep and cattle with man on horse back.instriptions: Frederick, November 9, 1840; number 100 d: nine months after date the Chesapeake and Ohio Company promise to pay on demand at their office at Frederick, Maryland to Jacob Markell of bearer five dollars with interest from date. W. Weaver clerk, Francis Thomas, president. Treated 1973 at HFC Mus. Service.
One dollar bank note Harpers Ferry National Historical Park; National Park Service Overside: Black printing on brown colored paper with the inscription: "I promise to pay to the bearer on demand one dollar (in city stock orders) of the BandO Railroad Company or (their equivalent in) baltimore bank notes" number 2428 a reverser side: Mrs. jenkins. Treated in 1973 at hfc.

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