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Data collection, research and evaluation studies (Statement of Responsibility) the Department of Research and Evaluation.; "September 1991."
A report on area B, Dade and Broward Counties: a part of the Central and Southern Florida Flood Control Project 1 v. (various pagings) : ill., maps ; 28 cm.; "April 1959."; Cover title.; Includes bibliography.
Statement on the Kissimmee Basin Project presented to the Governor and Cabinet 9 leaves, 9 leaves of plates : ill., maps ; 28 cm.; Cover title.
Rating Analysis for Pump Station S13 TECHNICAL PUBLICATION; May, 2004; EMA #416
Rating Analysis for Pump Station G310 TECHNICAL PUBLICATION; March, 2004; EMA # 415
Rating Analysis for Pump Station S13 TECHNICAL PUBLICATION; "September 2009"; EMA #451
Flow Rating Analysis Procedures for Pumps TECHNICAL PUBLICATION; December 2003; EMA # 413
Rating Analysis for Pump Station (S140, S331, S6, S7, S8) TECHNICAL PUBLICATION ERA # 436; "February, 2006"
Missouri River Master Water Control Manual Executive Summary National Park Service Water Resources Division; National Park Service
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Flood Frequency and Culvert Sizes Needed for Small Watersheds in the Central Appalachians Clemson University Libraries vol. NE 62; Call number: a13.88: ne-62.
A wet season field test of experimental water deliveries to northeast Shark River slough, August-November, 1984 (Statement of Responsibility) by Thomas K. MacVicar.; "September 12, 1985."; TECHNICAL PUBLICATION 85-3
Rating Analysis for Pump Station S2 TECHNICAL PUBLICATION ERA 459; "June 2007"
Evaluating and Improving Flow Data Quality Using Strive Data at Water Control Structures TECHNICAL PUBLICATION; ERA REPORT # 428; July 2005; Volume I
Storm event of October 8-10, 1991 (Statement of Responsibility) Water Resources Division, Hydrologic Data Management Division, Department of Research and Evaluation ; Operations Division, Operations and Maintenance Department ; Field Engineering Division, Regulation Department.; "December 1991."
Impact of upland marsh on water quality 57 p., fig., tables, 29 cm.; IIA. Dye study IIB. Roughness coefficients IIC. Quality sampling
Hydrologic characteristics of the Kissimmee River floodplain Boney Marsh experimental area (Bibliography) Includes bibliographical references (p. 46-47).; (Statement of Responsibility) Ronald Mierau, Paul Trimble.; "September 1988"
Monitoring and Operating Plan for C-111 Interim Construction Project (Statement of Responsibility) submitted to Florida Department of Environmental Regulation ; by South Florida Water Management District ; Dewey F. Worth, project manager.; "Final draft."; PERMIT # 131654749
S-13A Structure Improvements and Hydraulic Design Technical Publication ERA-463; Appendix A Hydraulic Model for Flow Regulation through the S-13A Structure through the S-13A Structure ; "January 2008."
Some environmental effects of drainage in Florida 19, [4] p. : ill. 1 map ; 28 cm.; Caption title.; "Presented at the May 13-17, 1968, ASCE Environmental Engineering Conference at Chatanooga, Tennessee."
Pollution Control Aspects of Water Management 16 p. ; 28 cm.; Cover title.; [paper presented at] "State section, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, Langford Hotel, Winter Park, Florida, May 15, 1971".; (Ownership) Florida Collection, Government Documents, Green Library, Florida International University
Quantifying and Communicating Pumped Storm Water Flows for Real-Time Flood Management TECHNICAL PUBLICATION; ERA # 425; "July 2005."; Submitted for Presentation at International Conference on Energy, Environmental and Disasters (INCEED 2005) on Energy, Environmental and Disasters (INCEED 2005) Charlotte, NC, July 24-30, 2005

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