Historic Goats of Carl Sandburg Home

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Goat looking toward right

Goat looking toward left

Goat, man kneeling behind goat, in field

Mrs. Sandburg feeding goat, outside

Mrs. Sandburg inspecting goat, outside

Nine goats in barnyard

Group of kids outside

Woman and goat, "Babs," outside building

Many goats in field

Many goats in field

Two nubian kids with camera tripod

Many goats with heads through gate looking at man in foreground

Goat kid, forelegs on ramp in front of barn

Spotted nubian doe, left side view

Toggenburg doe, Blossom, in front of backdrop

Dark nubian goat being held by young man

Toggenburg doe showing udders, in pasture

Spotted nubian doe, left side view, standing in pasture

Goat, side view, in pasture, person standing behind it

Side view of goat, "Carmen Delores," in pasture

Spotted nubian doe, left side view, side of barn

Toggenburg doe with chain link collar, right side view, barnyard building in background

Toggenburg doe, Puritan Jon's Jennifer II, right side view

Goat, "Demaggios Linda Chico-Flicka," on leash in front of building

Toggenburg doe, right side view, trees in background

Goat in foreground with part of trailer in background

Group of goats grazing in field with trees behind

Goat, "Vanya," in field with man standing behind

Two Toggenburg bucks standing in front of barn

Head and neck of light colored nubian buck

Saanen doe, left side view, man's hand holding collar

Leroy Levi holding a nubian doe by his collar

Toggenburg doe, left side view, with man in white coveralls

Ten nubian kids with heads through wooden slat fence

Saanen doe, right side view, trees in background

Goat on top of piano in living room

Two nubian does, frontal view, in pasture

Striped "Tiger" cat sitting in ice and snow by closed door

Janet Sandburg holding a Toggenburg doe, "Twink", right side view

Toggenburg doe, Brio, standing in pasture, facing right

"Chickaming Jan Jalna," goat held at collar

Goat on top of glass-doored cabinet in living room

Toggenburg goat, Serena, standing in pasture, facing left

Rear of goat, "Demaggios Linda Chico-Flicka," being held on a leash by a woman, in front of building

Nubian buck kid, looking into camera, standing between a tree and fence

Side view of, "Demaggios Carmen Delores Chico-Carmen," being held by a woman in front of a building

Toggenburg doe, Brio, standing in pasture, facing right, zoom out

Puritan Jon's Jennifer II, seen from left, leash led, standing in pasture

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