Hosted Mapping Solutions

Upload data, make maps, find relevant data layers, collaborate, and explore

The OPN Mapping Tool provides OPN members access to a GIS web-based portal for data sharing, map creation, visualization, and collaboration. This service is free of charge to you.

The tool is hosted in ArcGIS Online, a cloud-based mapping platforms for organizations. Through the mapping tool, OPN members have access to content and data to create, collaborate, catalog, and share maps, data and applications with each other, the entire Open Parks Network, or the public. Through this tool, we also have private access to the secure Esri cloud. Secure private workshops can also be created.

To use the OPN Mapping Tool, no additional hardware or software is needed. The Open Parks Network has subscribed to ArcGIS online services in order to deliver GIS capabilities to members of the global parks community who may not otherwise have access to mapping and analysis tools.

We are building an Online GIS Gateway

Our team of GIS professionals is working to identify relevant global GIS data sources and make them available to OPN community. Our team can meet your GIS needs through data hosting and deploying web maps. Use one of our licenses and start your own public or private community. Contact Us for more information.

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