Jim Shelton Glass Lanterns

Items in this Collection

Logs and buildings demolished in skid

Daddy Bryson train wreck, 1909

Waterfall in background of river and woods, Meigs Creek Falls, 1924

Son of Wilce McCarter riding mule

Railroad crossing over Little River, circa 1917

Trees in forest, Wears Cove, circa 1920

John Walker sitting in wooden chair holding cherries, circa 1918

Area filled with cut down trees for Tan Bark operation, Little Greenbrier

Mary Payne and family, Pinnacle Fork, North Carolina, 1916

Pile of logs with man sitting on machine in background, Manis Branch

Forest area with pool of water in foreground

Than Oliver driving cart with boy carrying acid wood

Mirandy Bradshaw with family, Pinnacle Fork, North Carolina, 1916

Wiley Walker's son riding on mule

People standing around and on swinging bridge, Metcalf Bettons, circa 1916

Burned Kalima, Jakes Creek, Tennessee, 1922

Shelton family by snow covered trees, circa 1922

Trees in forest, Marks Creek, North Carolina, 1926

Trees with spotted bark in forest, Marks Creek, Tennessee

One of Walker sisters, circa 1911

Logs scattered across mountain side, branch below Lynn Camp, Tennessee

Two horses at front of log with two men on top of log, circa 1922

Jim Green place on right with bare mountain side on left, Little Greenbrier, Tennessee, circa 1920

John Walker sitting in front of guild holding apple, circa 1918

Crew working on railroad, Three Forks, Tennessee, 1920

Man standing in background of trees in burned area, Blanket Mountain, Tennessee, 1922

Webb family reunion in Wears Cove, 1986

Trees in forest covered in snow, Marks Cove, Tennessee, 1926

Log loading machine on left with logs on right, Jakes Creek, Tennessee, 1924

John Walker with his six daughters and one son, circa 1916

Ritter Lumber company, Hazel Creek, Proctor, North Carolina, circa 1920

Machine on left loading logs on right of track, Jakes Creek, Tennessee

Engine sitting on tracks with two men standing in front, Elkmont, Tennessee

Trees in forest, Jakes Creek, Tennessee, 1922

View of Appalachian Club from point on Burnt Mountain, circa 1922

Mary Elizabeth Walker Benson with husband and daughter, circa 1920

Bare trees on mountain side, Left prong of Jakes Creek, Tennessee, circa 1922

Two teams of horses pulling logs with men all around, Blanket Mountain, Tennessee, 1922

Railroad tracks in foreground with structure on side of mountain in background, Three Forks Prong, North Carolina, 1922

Dan Walker and crew hauling tan bark off the mountain, Little Greenbrier, circa 1916

Train with logs loaded, Clingmans Dome Prong, Three Forks, North Carolina, circa 1923

Railroad tracks rounding mountain with skid marks on mountain side in background, Three Forks, North Carolina

Arley Maples with wife and child next to car, Elkmont, Tennessee, 1920's

Horses at front of log with men sitting along log, Lynn Camp Prong, Tennessee 1926

Large tree stump and roots on right and smaller trees in middle, Jakes Creek, Tennessee, 1922

Crowd of people on shore watching two men in water during baptism, Elkmont, Tennessee

House in foreground with engine pushing load of logs along Jakes Gap, Tennessee, circa 1922

Machine on tracks with men working along tracks, Three Forks, North Carolina


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