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Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site

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Items from this park

A Catch at Last [recto]

Getting Ready for the Masquerade [verso]

Port Hacking River National Park, N.S.W., Australia [recto]

Playing Indian [verso]

Series O [recto]

Chinese Market, Chefoo, North China [verso]

Getting Ready for the Masquerade [recto]

A Canadian Farmyard, Ontario [verso]

The Matterhorn, Switzerland [verso]

Miners Climbing Chilkoot Pass, Alaska [verso]

Baby and Bunny [recto]

Mergellina [verso]

Washing Butter, Melbourne, N.S.W., Australia [verso]

Throwing Boomerangs, New South Wales, Australia [recto]

A Study in Chinese Faces [verso]

The Majestic Saguenay, Canada [verso]

Villefranche et le Montebello (Villefranche and Montebello) [verso]

Baby's Bath [recto]

An Open-Air Restaurant, Peking, China [verso]

A Holiday in Osaka, Japan [verso]

A Chinese Junk in Hongkong Harbor, China [verso]

Rock of Gibraltar [verso]

Chasing Mice [verso]

Victoria Regina, Life Raft [recto]

Street Scene, Panama [verso]

ADMIRATION--Pierced by Cupid's Dart [verso]

The Clubman's Rest [recto]

Hands! What Does This Mean? [recto]

Mamma Settles the Pillow Fight [recto]

Picking Olives from Grafted Trees, Sylmar, Calif [verso]

Indian Village in Mexico [verso]

The Hawkesbury River, N.S.W., Australia [recto]

Good for the Tailor [recto]

Chinese Musicians, Canton, China [verso]

Chinese Flower Garden, Canton, China [verso]

Flag Mercants, Kobe, Japan [verso]

Imperial Temple, Forbidden City, Peking, China [verso]

Sh-- My Wife's Coming [verso]

Ancient Manchu Costumes [recto]

The Mississippi River [verso]

With Stereoscopic Effect [verso]

Healesville, Victoria's Favourite Summer Resort, Australia [verso]

Boy Scouts in Camp [verso]

With Stereoscopic Effect [verso]

Solemnization, The Nuptial Ceremony [verso]

View of waterfall, trees in foreground [verso]

Grape Vineyard, Westfield, N.Y. [verso]

Wool Market, Melbourne, Australia [verso]

Bamboo Avenue, Kyoto, Japan [verso]

Mamma Settles the Pillow Fight [verso]

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