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Cades Cove generator house, Cades Cove, Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains National Park Cades Cove Generator House; Building No. 367, II-B-(3)-9691, Physical Facilities - Buildings - Utility buildings
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Generator house, LeConte Lodge, Sevierville, Tennessee, 1971 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Generator house...Generator electric line about four feet off the ground, LeConte Lodge, II-B-(6)-LeC-15695, Physical Facilities - Buildings - Permittee and Concessioner buildings - LeConte Lodge buildings
Drilling rock in river Great Smoky Mountains National Park Drilling big rock in the river at Perry Place on Parkway Spur.Rock in River, II-R-Maint-6484, Physical Facilities - Roads - Maintenance of Roads
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View from the southwest, Cataloochee Warden Station, Building No. 251, Generator House, Springhouse, trees in background, 1941 Great Smoky Mountains National Park II-B-(1)-1535, Physical Facilities - Buildings - Administrative buildings (ranger stations and outbuildings; warden stations; fire towers; checking stations; Geological Survey gauging stations; possession cabin,Cataloochee Warden Station; Building No. 251; Generator House; Springhouse, View from the southwest.

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