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Bandsmen Fort Sumter National Monument
Jim Proffitt and Grace Newman. Musicians, circa 1930 Great Smoky Mountains National Park JIm Proffitt and Grace Newman.Musicians, III-P-4274, History - Mountain People
Circa 1930
Baroque recorder ensemble at the event, tent and parked cars in the background, Fort Moultrie, South Carolina Fort Sumter National Monument SE/6-28-76 Baroque recorder ensemble; 16a; 5; JUL76A2 13.
Girls band at Storer College Harpers Ferry National Historical Park; National Park Service Photograph of the girls band at Storer College. Henry Mcdonald and his wife Elizabeth are standing in the top row. Mrs. Mosher, mother of Elizabeth is in the middle row. Two little girls are sitting at the bottom of the row. There are 23 band members and one male band leader. Photo is slightly discolored and stained.

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