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Four people standing on wooden steps leading up to the entrance to Gothic Avenue in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky Mammoth Cave National Park Photograph -steps leading to Gothic Ave. (glass negative) glass negative: -entrance to Gothic Avenue in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky- this photograph was taken by Ben Hains; photo developed at new Albany, Indiana. This photograph was taken of the steps leading to Gothic Avenue. In the historic section of Mammoth Cave. Photo taken in 1892. This glass negative shows a set of wooden steps leading up into a passage with four people standing on the steps (three men and a woman), they are about half way up the steps. This is a negative for a black and white photo. Across the bottom of the photo is a printed inscription"024" Mammoth Cave. Entrance to Gothic Avenue and copyrighted by H. C. Ganter. Ben Hains, cave photographer. New Albany, Ind, U.S.A.". measurements: height 202 mm, width: 252 mm. Thickness: 2 mm. Condition: good. The original blue 10-254 lists this as a gift from Ellis Jones on 14 Dec, 1981. Originally housed gsu c, sh 4 with maca 3608-3645, 3724-3743, 3746-3749, 3872-3888, 3903. Caves, geology, trails, tourist trade, clothing and dress.
View of experimental traffic counter installed at bottom of steps, Elkmont campground, Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains National Park Self-guided nature trail with signs and markers. Work Order No. R-11 GRSM. Experimental traffic counter installed at bottom of steps as shown in previous photo.Elkmont Nature Trail; Mids. Branch Nature Trail, II-T-Tn-7508, Physical Facilities - Trails - Nature trails, Spruce Fir, Big Locust, Buckeye, Cades Cove Vista, Pine Oak, Junglebrook, Sugarlands, Cosby; Elkmont (Mids Branch)

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