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Illustration, Bombardment of Fort Sumter and Fort Wagner [recto] National Park Service Illustration from: Harpers Weekly.
Views showing demolition by General Gillmore, Fort Sumter, South Carolina, 1863 [recto] National Park Service Multiple illustrations from: Frank Leslie 's Illustrated Newspaper, 1863.
Ironclad Fleet commanded by Admiral Dupont, Firing Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbor, South Carolina [recto] National Park Service Illustration form: Frank Leslie 's illustrated newspaper.
Views showing progressive demolition of Fort Sumter by General Gillmore, South Carolina, 1863 [recto] National Park Service Multiple illustrations, Frank Leslie 's illustrated newspaper.
Text and multiple illustrations [recto] National Park Service Confederate troops repluse in James island, South Carolina. Battle of Seccessionville, James island, South Carolina.
Multiple illustrations, The illustrated London News [recto] National Park Service Attack on harbor defences by Federal ironloads, Charleston, South Carolina. Torpedoes sinking by Confederates, Charleston, South Carolina. Federal ironload after the fight.
Multiple illustrations [recto] National Park Service View of Charleston harbor and city, South Carolina. Fort Sumter bombardment, Sketch from Morris island, South Carolina.
Multiple illustrations, The pictorial battles of the civil war [recto] National Park Service Fort Sumter. Captain Rodgers. Fort Wagner during bombardment. View, Attack on Fort Sumter, Batteries Wagner and Gregg by land forces under General Gillmore and ironclads under Admiral Dahlgren.
Multiple illustrations, Harpers weekly [recto] National Park Service Advanced works of General Gilmore and old light house. Hauling siege guns. Remains of the keokuk. Fort Wagner. Digging trenches and mounting guns. Mortar battery. View, Morris island, Charleston, South Carolina.
Multiple illustrations, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1863 [recto] National Park Service View of Chanrleston, Fort Sumter. Ironclads, Wooden cunboats, Bombardment of Fort Wagner. Lower portion of Morris island captured, General Gilmore. Bombardment of forts, Lower portion of Morris island.

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