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YCC member with cement mixer Kings Mountain National Military Park; National Park Service 1991 YCC
Yellowstone photo album 30, page 36 Yellowstone National Park
Concrete mixer on site of Tremont JCC Center construction Great Smoky Mountains National Park Concrete mixer.Tremont JCC; Center Construction, IV-JCC-Tremont-14472, Miscellaneous - Job Corps - Tremont
Yellowstone photo album 30, page 37 Yellowstone National Park
Construction, showing NP-2 men loading concrete mixer at utility garage, 1939 Mammoth Cave National Park; National Park Service
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Yellowstone photo album 31, page 93 Yellowstone National Park
Fireplace installation, Chimneys Campground, Tennessee Great Smoky Mountains National Park Installation of new fireplaces. Old stone masonry fireplaces are expensive to maintain, and were in improper locations. Each concrete fireplace pad was formed and poured in place: Grounds improvement, etc. Chimneys Campground Work Order No. B061 GSM. Completion report photo.Chimneys Campground Rehabilitation; Fireplace installation, II-C-Chim-6533, Physical Facilities - Campgrounds and Picnic Areas - Chimneys campground (picnic area)
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